Prime College’s library is for the use of all resident members of the college. Its impressive, up-to-date collection covers a wide range of subjects. It has copies of most books that are recommended for use in the courses, as well as an extensive collection of specialized texts. Our library boasts a growing collection of the latest articles, relevant books, journals, magazines and CD- ROMs on all related subjects.

College Counseling Program

The college counseling program, in collaboration with faculty members, parents and students, helps students become effective learners, achieve success in college and develop into contributing members of society. The program helps all students attain the necessary academic, career and personal/social development needed to achieve success both in college and in life.

Student Support and Guidance

Students require self-discipline and motivation to make a successful transition, but it is also vital that professional guidance is available. Support for students begins the day they join the college. Students learn to assess their own learning, set challenging personal targets and manage their time more effectively. Throughout their time at College, students are closely monitored for their personal growth.

Career Development Center (CDC)

The Career Development Center (CDC) at Prime College aims to be a center of excellence in fostering students’ professional and scholarly growth. The purpose of CDC is to provide students with guidance, resources, and opportunities related to career development both during and upon graduation and similarly support graduate studies exploration.

Generally, the CDC works to:

  • Prepare students for internships and employment through workshops and individual consulting sessions that will help them better access and navigate the local and international job market and the workplace.
  • Facilitate employment/internship placements for students by creating and maintaining relationships with local and international employers an advocating for and introducing them to the professional and academic skills and experiences of Prime students.
  • Provide guidance and information related to graduate schools including programs, applications, and entrance exams with the support of internationally connected institutions and councils.
  • Build Prime network of career support by maintaining ties with graduating alumnae who can provide an extended network of mentors and contacts to existing students.


Computer Lab with Wireless Network Environment. The College has three sophisticated computer labs with wireless networks and Network virtual desktop (N-computing) that can accesses data remotely through a connection to a server and brings a virtual desktop to the user. The labs are well- equipped with the latest computers on a LAN running with a dedicated file server and a domain controller. The college regularly upgrades the system with advanced software and hardware. Our computer labs have Gigabit Ethernet (100 Mbps) for high speed multimedia and video network. The computer labs are air-conditioned and equipped with an uninterrupted power backup system and high-speed broadband internet facility.


Prime College provides EDUROAM services which is the secure, world-wide roaming access service for the international research and education community with hundreds of thousands of wireless access points sharing the common ssid, EDUROAM acts as a giant world-wide hotspot. EDUROAM provides researchers, teachers and students from an institution easy and secure network access when visiting domestic or international.

True ICT Based Education

Prime College is an ICT-based college which uses IT not only in teaching and learning, but also in the entire academic management. Our web server provides on-line tutorials and valuable educational resources for students. ICT training, certification, project works, and apps development boot camps are regular features of the college and students will be exposed to real life problems and its solutions.

Digital Electronic Lab

The college provides a state-of-the-art digital electronic lab. This enables students to acquire and develop their hardware skills with industrial expectations.


The college has well-equipped laboratories for science students. To make practical studies more effective, the college has spacious and well-equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science.

Superior Faculty

London-based (York University) Artificial Intelligence (AI) expert Associate Professor Dr. Suresh Manandhar provides special classes. Prominent IT expert, Dr. Bhusan Raj Shrestha, plans and supervises IT education. Prof. Dr. K.D. Koirala, a prominent management and marketing expert, guides us in our pursuit of academic excellence. Our chairman, Professor Dr. Sundar Shyam Bhakta Mathema, a prominent educator, oversees the academic performance of the college. Apart from above, the college continuously seeks qualified faculty from different fields.