Student Club Reformation: Celebrating Leadership and Achievements

Prime College

Student Club Reformation: Celebrating Leadership and Achievements

On September 22nd, a momentous event took place as we gathered to witness the reformation of our student clubs. Five different student clubs, including Prime EMC, Prime Cultural Club, Prime IT Club, Prime Sports Club, and Prime Social Innovation Club, along with two hubs – Prime Flair Hub and Prime Esports Hub, came together for this remarkable occasion.

The highlight of the event was the heartfelt farewell extended to the outgoing student club executives, who have dedicated their time and effort to enriching our campus life. Their contributions were celebrated, and they were wished the very best in their future endeavors.

A significant addition to this year’s reformation was the introduction of the Student Club Achievers Awards, recognizing outstanding achievements within our student community. Here are the deserving winners:

Best Emerging Leadership Student Award:

Presented to Hasila Lama, from Prime EMC in recognition of her exemplary leadership qualities and commitment to our campus community.

Best Student Club Event:

Awarded to the “Panel Discussion – Master of Business” organized by our Prime EMC.

Best Student Club:

The prestigious title of “Best Student Club” was claimed by Prime IT Club, reflecting their exceptional efforts in promoting innovation and technology on campus.

Best Student Club President:

The outstanding leadership of Prime IT Club was further highlighted as they secured the “Best Student Club President” award. The award was presented to Pramila Shrestha.

The event was attended by more than 100 student club members, each of whom plays a vital role in shaping our vibrant campus community. It was a day filled with inspiration and enthusiasm as we celebrated the past, embraced the present, and looked forward to a promising future for our student clubs.

We extend our warmest congratulations to all award winners and express our gratitude to the outgoing executives for their dedicated service. The reformation of our student clubs marks a new chapter in our collective journey, and we can’t wait to see the incredible contributions that lie ahead!