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Our steadfast commitment to uncompromising standards simplifies the decision-making process for you. Find out why you should become a Primerian!


Create your Foundation with our

Progressive Infrastructures

What makes Prime unique is its progressive infrastructure. Create the space for knowledge in your mind and you will find support along the way in Primerian premises!

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Prime Career Center offers a comprehensive range of services, including job placement, internship placement, and traineeship placement, completely free of charge to both current and former students of Prime College. Our college is dedicated to assisting our students in forging outstanding career paths. We are deeply committed to ensuring that our students actively engage in their desired careers.


ESO further branches to Prime Wellness Center that provides services to currently enrolled undergraduate, graduate, and professional students while supporting faculty and staff in their efforts to promote and support student wellness. Wellness in college entails feeling safe, valued, and respected, active engagement in academic and social pursuits, positive self-esteem, self-efficacy, and autonomy, and nurturing relationships with teachers and peers.

Approachable and friendly faculties

Competent and cooperative staff members

Build your Network

Our Primerians are the branches of the same tree! They help each other grow and prosper. The alumnus of Prime are happy to help fresh talents that are eagerly waiting to jumpstart their careers. Thus, it creates an environment of growth and experience in Prime.