Bachelor of Computer Applications

Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) is a four-year (eight-semesters), bachelor degree program in the field of computer application under the faculty of Humanities and Social Science affiliated with Tribhuvan University (TU). BCA comprises of 126 credit hour course which prepares students in the IT field of software development and computer applications. Students will learn about the emerging information technologies and their impact. Students learn to solve computer-based problems of different types of industries and businesses. Along with the lecture classes, this Course also provides tutorials and lab classes which further help the students in practice-based learning. 

The main objective is to produce highly qualified computer professionals who impart both theoretical and practical knowledge in computer systems and their applications development, administration, & management. 


Students applying for admission to the BCA program must have

  • Minimum D* grade in each subject of grades 11 and 12 with a CGPA of 1.8 or more.
  • OR Minimum score of second division marks in 10+2, PCL, or equivalent in any discipline.
  • OR Students who have passed grade 11 and are waiting for the result of grade 12 can also apply.

Admission Process


Students must have secured the minimum pass marks in the BCA Entrance Written Test conducted by TU


Interview of shortlisted students by college

Required Documents

The documents required for the admission form are

  • SEE Mark sheet and Certificate
  • Grade 11 and 12-Mark sheet and Certificate
  • 2 passport size photos
  • BCA Entrance Mark sheet
  • Citizenship Certificate

Curricular Structure

The BCA program requires the students to study a total of 126 credit hours. The curricular structure of the program comprises the following six separate course components.

Computer Application (Core Courses)

71 Cr

Elective Courses

12 Cr

Mathematics and Statistics Courses

9 Cr

Language Courses

6 Cr

Social Sciences and Management Courses

15 Cr

Project & Internships

13 Cr


126 Cr

Course Cycle

Code First Semester 16 Cr
CACS101 Computer Fundamentals and Applications 4 Cr
CASO102 Society & Technology 3 Cr
CAEN103 English I 3 Cr
CAMT104 Mathematics I 3 Cr
CACS105 Digital Logic 3 Cr

Code Second Semester 16 Cr
CACS151 C Programming 4 Cr
CAAC152 Financial Accounting 3 Cr
CAEN153 English II 3 Cr
CAMT154 Mathematics II 3 Cr
CACS155 Microprocessor and Computer Architecture 3 Cr

Code Third Semester 15 Cr
CACS201 Data Structure and Algorithm 3 Cr
CAST202 Probability & Statistics 3 Cr
CACS203 System Analysis and Design 3 Cr
CACS204 OOP in Java 3 Cr
CACS205 Web Technology 3 Cr

Code Fourth Semester 17 Cr
CACS251 Operating System 3 Cr
CACS252 Numerical Methods 3 Cr
CACS253 Software Engineering 3 Cr
CACS254 Scripting Languages 3 Cr
CACS255 Database Management System 3 Cr
CAPJ256 Project I 2 Cr

Code Fifth Semester 15 Cr
CACS301 MIS and e-Business 3 Cr
CACS302 DotNet Technology 3 Cr
CACS303 Computer Networking 3 Cr
CAMG304 Introduction to Management 3 Cr
CACS305 Computer Graphics and Animation 3 Cr

Code Fourth Semester 17 Cr
CACS351 Mobile Programming 3 Cr
CACS352 Distributed System 3 Cr
CACS353 Applied Economics 3 Cr
CACS354 Advance Java Programming 3 Cr
CACS355 Network Programming 3 Cr
CAPJ356 Project II 2 Cr

Code Seventh Semester 15 Cr
CACS401 Cyber Law & Professional Ethics 3 Cr
CACS402 Cloud Computing 3 Cr
CAIN403 Internships 3 Cr
Elective I 3 Cr
Elective II 3 Cr

Code Eighth Semester 15 Cr
CAOR451 Operational Research 3 Cr
CAPJ452 Project III 6 Cr
Elective III 3 Cr
Elective IV 3 Cr

Code Elective Subjects of Seventh Semester Cr
CACS404 Image Processing 3 Cr
CACS405 Database Administration 3 Cr
CACS406 Network Administration 3 Cr
CACS407 Software Project Management 3 Cr
CACS408 Advanced .Net Technology 3 Cr
CACS409 E-Governance 3 Cr
CACS410 Artificial Intelligence 3 Cr
Applied Psychology 3 Cr

Code Elective Subjects of Eighth Semester Cr
CACS453 Database Programming 3 Cr
CACS454 Graphical Information System 3 Cr
CACS455 Data Analysis & Visualization 3 Cr
CACS456 Machine Learning 3 Cr
CACS457 Multimedia System 3 Cr
CACS458 Knowledge Engineering 3 Cr
CACS459 Information Security 3 Cr
CACS460 Internet of Things 3 Cr
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Career Prospects (What After BCA?)

  • Computer and Information System Managers
  • Computer Support Specialist
  • Computer system analyst
  • IT officer
  • Network and Computer System Administrators
  • System Designers
  • Database Administrators
  • Programmers in IT companies

BCA graduates can pursue higher studies in

  • MIT (Master of Information Technology)
  • MCA (Master of Computer Application)
  • MBA (Master of Business Administration)

Know Your Coordinator


Er. Rolisha Sthapit

BSc.CSIT & BCA Coordinator


Masters in Computer System and Knowledge Engineering (IOE, TU)


9 years in the teaching field


quote Learning is a journey that never ends, and teaching is the compass that guides us along the way.

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