Prime Bizfest 2024 | Prime EMCPrime Bizfest 2024: Igniting Entrepreneurial Excellence | Prime EMC

Prime College

Prime Bizfest 2024 | Prime EMCPrime Bizfest 2024: Igniting Entrepreneurial Excellence | Prime EMC

The week-long event, “Prime Bizfest 2024,” organized by the student club of Prime College, Prime Entrepreneurial Management Club, unfolded from Baisakh 9 to Baisakh 14. The initial five days buzzed with workshops like Idea Ignition, Financial Framework, Operational Optics, Market Mystery, and Scale-up Symposium, tailored for the 14 participating teams from various colleges. Guided by professional mentors, these workshops aimed to hone entrepreneurial skills and spark innovative thinking. Following intense learning sessions, teams presented their ideas, garnering insights to refine their paths.

On the grand finale day of Baisakh 14, the fest crescendoed with a Panel Discussion themed “Why Nepal,” featuring business luminaries like Mr. Anil Kesary Shah, Miss Zenisha Moktan, and Mr. Aabhushan Jyoti Kansakar. Moderated by Mr. Prabesh Adhikari, the panelists shared compelling narratives on choosing Nepal over migration abroad, providing closure to conflicted audience members.

The fest’s excitement escalated with the Prime Treasure Hunt, comprising activities like Word Quest, Stack the Cup, Marketing Mastery, Operational Game, Sell the IPO, and Scavenger Hunt. Subsequently, the top five teams advanced to the final pitching round. Integrating workshop insights, they presented innovative startup ideas to judges, showcasing their entrepreneurial prowess.

The highly anticipated Open Mic Fest, hosted by renowned comedian Mr. Sujan Zimba, injected laughter and euphoria into the event, further energizing the audience.

Prime EMC, driven by the fest’s theme of recognizing aspiring individuals, sought participant feedback. Their testimonials underscored the fest’s impact in nurturing entrepreneurial spirit and fostering personal growth.

In a climactic moment, Team Tuki was announced as the winner, epitomizing the fest’s mission of celebrating innovation and perseverance. Their victory marked the culmination of Prime Bizfest 2024 Prime EMC eagerly sought feedback from participants, driven by the fest’s core theme of recognizing aspiring individuals on their journey of learning, a triumph in itself. Here’s what participants had to say about their experiences at Prime Bizfest 2024, leaving participants inspired and empowered to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.

“Prime Bizfest 2024 was an incredible journey of growth and learning for our team. Over the course of one week, we immersed ourselves in workshops covering finance, operations, marketing, and scaling up. The highlight was the business canvas model workshop on day one, setting the stage for strategic thinking. Reaching in the finale, where we secured a spot in the top 10 and experienced the unforgettable treasure hunt, Prime Bizfest 2024 will forever be engraved in our memories as a transformative experience. Also, Prime Bizfest 2024 fostered meaningful networking opportunities that allowed us to connect with like-minded people. We are incredibly thankful to organising team and mentors for guiding us through the workshop sessions and contributing to our growth journey.” – Sunita Dangol, Team The Blu

Team The Blu

“A week for a competition sounded too much of a commitment at first but when the days passed by with each being a learning platform and a step closer to our business venture, I realized that was the best and the most informative week I’ve had in a long time. Bizfest to me wasn’t just about winning but the people I’ve met and the network I got to establish. Looking forward to more such events in the future.” – Garima Shrestha, Team Tuki