Prime BizFest 2023 at Prime College | Prime EMC

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Prime BizFest 2023 at Prime College | Prime EMC

A Remarkable Confluence of Passion, Knowledge, and Excellence

Prime EMC, in its unwavering commitment to excellence, orchestrated the grandeur of Prime BizFest 2023, a captivating event epitomizing the synergy between passion and knowledge. With an assortment of enlightening sessions, immersive workshops, and a star-studded panel discussion, the event not only inspired but also fostered a wealth of insights for attendees.

Panel Discussion: Navigating Passions Beyond 9 to 5

A highlight of Prime BizFest 2023 was the riveting panel discussion, “Navigating Passions Beyond 9 to 5.” This thought-provoking discourse featured luminaries from diverse domains:

  • Sushant Pradhan – The CEO of The Physique Workshop
  • Riya Shrestha – Visionary Marketing Consultant
  • Elena Don – The Insta-sensation with a message
  • Saunak Bhatta – Corporate Trainer

This distinguished panel shared their personal odysseys, offering invaluable insights into the pursuit of one’s passions beyond traditional working hours. Guiding this conversation with finesse was Swastika Banskota, President of Prime EMC, who adeptly steered the discourse towards actionable takeaways.

Knowledge-Enriched Sessions and Workshops

Prime EMC ensured that Prime BizFest 2023 delivered substantial knowledge to all attendees. The event encompassed a diverse spectrum of sessions and workshops, covering pivotal aspects of personal and professional development.


  • Career Development by Mr. Manish Maharjan: Attendees gleaned precious insights into carving out successful career trajectories.
  • Content Creation by Mr. Dipesh Tripathi: The art of crafting compelling content was meticulously unraveled.
  • Leadership & Team Building by Mrs. Palpasa Manandhar: The session underscored the significance of effective leadership and seamless team dynamics.


  • Digital Marketing by Mr. Ashwin Neupane: Participants delved into the intricacies of digital marketing strategies.
  • Presentation & Idea Pitching by Ms. Asmita Joshi: The finesse of impactful presentations and idea pitching was masterfully cultivated.
  • Interview Excellence by Ms. Shristi Kayastha: Attendees honed their interview acumen to perfection.

The sessions and workshops were meticulously curated and facilitated by industry experts, equipping attendees with valuable knowledge and skills essential for navigating the professional landscape.

Prime BizFest 2023, a convergence of passion, knowledge, and practical insights, left attendees motivated and better prepared to pursue their dreams. This event proudly underscores Prime College’s commitment to excellence in education and its mission to empower individuals with the tools and inspiration needed to excel in both their personal and professional lives. Stay tuned for future transformative events!