Prime College Hosts Empowering Event “She Leads: Inspiring Journey of Wonder Women” | Prime EMC

Prime College

Prime College Hosts Empowering Event “She Leads: Inspiring Journey of Wonder Women” | Prime EMC

Organized by the Prime Entrepreneurial Management Club, Prime College proudly hosted an inspiring event, “She Leads: Inspiring Journey of Wonder Women,” on June 30, 2024, at their Seminar Hall. This special event aimed to inspire and empower future leaders through the incredible stories of seven remarkable women who have faced challenges and achieved great success.

The lineup of esteemed guest speakers included Shrinkhala Khatiwada, crowned Miss Nepal 2018 and founder of Gatha, who shared her visionary journey and the struggles of womanhood. Zenisha Moktan, crowned Miss Nepal 2009 and Retail Director at IMS Group, delved into her branding journey and experiences. Pranayana KC, co-founder and CEO of Hivelaya, recounted her transformative story of studying abroad, overcoming struggles, and building her own business. Their stories provided a wealth of knowledge and inspiration for all attendees.

The event also featured four in-house speakers with compelling stories to share. Sushma Maharjan, Principal of Prime Global School, shared her journey from a tuition teacher to principal, emphasizing the importance of embracing opportunities and overcoming challenges to achieve future goals. Barsha Manandhar, CEO of Dhago Ko Chura, talked about starting her business from scratch and her entrepreneurial challenges. Samikshya Giri, a BSc. CSIT student, shared how she overcame judgment and built her confidence. Shraya Shrestha, a BBA student, explored the “5 Chambers of Womanhood,” offering unique insights into the different aspects of being a woman. Their experiences demonstrated the power of determination and resilience.

The event concluded with attendees feeling passionate, empowered, and empathetic. Motivated by the stories of perseverance and success, they left ready to face their challenges with new determination. The event wasn’t just about celebrating these amazing women’s accomplishments; it also encouraged all future leaders to keep pursuing their dreams. It was a day that celebrated these extraordinary women’s achievements and inspired others to lead in the future. The event left everyone feeling connected and driven, ready to make a positive impact on the world.