Sukul Session Vol. 2 | Prime Flair Hub

Prime College

Sukul Session Vol. 2 | Prime Flair Hub

A Night of Musical Enchantment

Date: August 25, 2080

Venue: 3/4 Bar and Cafe

Prime College students and music enthusiasts came together on August 25, 2080, for a mesmerizing musical journey at Sukul Session Vol. 2. This enchanting event, organized by the passionate students of Prime College in collaboration with Prime Flair Hub, showcased the exceptional talent within our college community.

From 5 PM to 10 PM, the cozy setting of 3/4 Bar and Cafe was transformed into an intimate haven for music lovers. The event aimed to recreate the essence of intimate acoustic unplugged performances, allowing the audience to connect deeply with the artists and their music.

The evening kicked off with remarkable performances by Prime College students, including Sakchyam Sthapit, Smarika Bajimaya, Pravat Shrestha, Sandesh Basnet, Sulav Paudel, and Amit Shrestha. Their heartfelt renditions set the tone for an evening of soulful melodies and resonating tunes, highlighting the vibrant talent within our student body.

The guest performer lineup was equally outstanding, featuring a sequence of captivating acts that left the audience in awe. Amit Jung brought his magnetic stage presence, followed by the soul-stirring performance of Salil Maharjan. The energy escalated as Charge 66 and Delay took the stage, setting the perfect atmosphere for the enchanting finale by the renowned artist Prajina, who concluded the event with her heart-touching song “Hami.”

Despite the challenging weather, the audience’s loyalty shone through as they gathered on traditional Nepali “sukul” mattresses, immersing themselves in the music and camaraderie. The event showcased the power of music to unite people and create unforgettable memories.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our sponsors, whose support made this event possible: Dahgo ko Chura, Ananeke Beauty Salon and Spa, Coca Cola, Digital Mantra, Kothey’s Cafe, I am Gardener, Bishowjyoti Cineplex, Ticket Sansar, Guitar Shop and Mantra Guitar, 3/4 Cafe, Makeup by Deebina, Cups and Mugs, Speak up Nepal, RONE, Dairy Station, Eduquest, and Midas. Your contributions played a pivotal role in making Sukul Session Vol. 2 a resounding success.

Prime College takes immense pride in the collaboration between Prime Flair Hub and our dedicated student organizers, whose passion and hard work brought this event to life. Sukul Session Vol. 2 not only showcased musical talent but also epitomized the spirit of unity and creativity that defines our college community.