Ethics and Standard Office (ESO)

We, Prime College, believe that university education must be grounded on ethical principles and educational institutions are only the place where students can learn about the ethical values. Ethics is based on well-founded standards of right and wrong that prescribe what humans ought to do, usually in terms of rights, obligations, benefits to society, fairness, or specific virtues. We also believe that ethical values can be learned, reinforced, practiced and applied during the students’ academic journey which will help them in future.

College teaching is not limited to transmitting knowledge, and often, transmission of knowledge does not contribute to ethical development. Thus, the moral dimension of college teaching should be required as a complement to knowledge.

For this, we have established an Ethics & Standards Office, which will help to foster the moral dimensions of our students. The three basic dimensions of moral personality are

Construction of the Self

Living Together

Socio-moral Reflection

Prime Wellness Center

Our trained team (ESO Team) will guide our students on these matters. Further, under this office we also have the Prime Wellness Center.

Prime Wellness Center provides services to currently enrolled undergraduate, graduate and professional students while supporting faculty and staff in their efforts to promote and support student wellness. The Student Wellness Center is a holistic place that encourages, educates, facilitates, and connects students with needed resources.

Wellness at college means feeling safe, valued and respected, being actively and meaningfully engaged in academic and social activities, having positive self-esteem, self-efficacy and a sense of autonomy, having positive and supportive relationships with teachers and peers.


Our Mission

Student Wellness cultivates student learning and influences health-related (physical & mental) outcomes by promoting healthy attitudes and behaviors.

Student Wellness also strives to prevent and reduce preventable health (physical & mental) risks and illnesses that interfere with academic performance, learning, student retention, student success, and personal growth opportunities.

Student Wellness Center professional staff empowers undergraduate, graduate and professional students to overcome barriers and reach their full potential through evidence-based holistic wellness awareness, education, coaching and counselling.


We aspire to continue as one of the leading educational institutions where students not only develop intellectually but also gain knowledge and skills to become impactful global citizens.

What is a Wellness appointment?

During wellness visit(s), a counselor will help to facilitate an environment where the student will be able to address their concerns, create a plan, problem solve, and develop healthy solutions targeted toward positive changes and transformations.

How to make an appointment?

The Prime Wellness Center is located at first floor (counselling room) of college building.
You can make a Wellness appointment by calling

Sushma Maharjan


Ethics & Standard Officer.
All services provided by the Prime Wellness Center are confidential.
The services provided by the Prime Wellness Center are free to Prime students.