Dashain Celebration at Prime College | Prime Cultural Club

Prime College

Dashain Celebration at Prime College | Prime Cultural Club

Prime College recently played host to an unforgettable event that brought together staff, faculty members, and students in a joyous celebration of Dashain. This festive event, Mela Jhamela Dashain Dhamaka organized by the Prime Cultural Club, was a resounding success, weaving together tradition, games, and camaraderie.

The day kicked off with an auspicious start as participants had the privilege of receiving tika from none other than Principal N P Sharma. This ceremonial moment set the tone for the day, infusing a sense of unity and cultural richness among everyone present.

The event buzzed with excitement as various games and stalls dotted the college premises. Whether it was the thrill of bingo, the skillful art of flying kites, or the sheer fun of interactive stalls, participants were spoiled for choice.

A burst of energy lit up the atmosphere when participants took to the floor for a spectacular flashmob dance. Choreographed to blend traditional and modern beats, the dance showcased the diversity and vibrancy of Prime College’s community. It was a moment that brought everyone together in a rhythm of joy and celebration.

These activities provided not only entertainment but also fostered a sense of friendly competition and collaboration. Students, faculty, and staff came together, forming new connections and strengthening existing bonds.