Industrial Visit to Barahsinghe – Yak Brewery | BIM 2019

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Industrial Visit to Barahsinghe – Yak Brewery | BIM 2019

BIM 2019 batch from Prime college recently embarked on a fascinating educational journey to Barahsinghe – Yak Brewery. This visit was a profound exploration into the realms of Operations Management and Organizational Behavior within the brewing industry.

This Educational Adventure was Led by Mr. Sagar Pokharel, a renowned expert in the field,
our group of eager BIM students set out on a journey to Barahsinghe – Yak Brewery, a prominent
player in the brewing industry. This visit was a part of our ongoing quest to bridge the gap between
theory and practice, as our students delved deep into the real-world operations of this thriving organization.

One of the primary objectives of this visit was to witness operations management in action. As
students pursuing a Bachelor’s in Information Management (BIM), they often study theories and
concepts related to efficient processes and resource allocation. However, nothing beats the
invaluable insights gained from seeing it happen on the ground.

At Barahsinghe – Yak Brewery, our student observed the production, supply chain management, and quality control. They learned how technology and human expertise come together to ensure a seamless brewing process. This hands-on experience gave our students a newfound appreciation for the meticulous planning and execution required in the brewing industry.

This visit was not limited to the technical aspects of operations. They also had the opportunity to delve into the organizational behavior. Understanding how people work together in a structured environment is essential for any business student. Barahsinghe – Yak Brewery served as a living laboratory for this exploration.

They interacted with employees from various departments, from production to marketing, and witnessed firsthand the role of leadership, teamwork, and communication in maintaining a harmonious and efficient workplace. It was an eye-opening experience that reinforced the importance of soft skills in a professional setting.

The visit to Barahsinghe – Yak Brewery was more than just a field trip; it was a transformative experience. It underscored the importance of practical exposure in education and reinforced our commitment to excel in the world of operations management and organizational behavior.
Upon their return to Prime College, the BIM 2019 batch had the opportunity to give a presentation about their visit to Barahsinghe – Yak Brewery. They shared the key learnings about operations management and organizational behavior with the faculty members.

During the presentation, they highlighted the real-world application of the concepts they’d learned in the textbooks. They also discussed the critical role of technology and human expertise in maintaining a seamless brewing process. Additionally, they emphasized the significance of leadership, teamwork, and communication in creating a harmonious workplace.
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