A Memorable Getaway to Chitlang | Samyukta Silakar

Prime College

A Memorable Getaway to Chitlang | Samyukta Silakar

Embarking on a journey of adventure and solidarity, Rolisha Ma’am and I, along with 19 vibrant BSc. CSIT 2022 batch students, set off for an unforgettable night stay in the alluring village of Chitlang. Organized by Aashirbad Treks Nepal, our adventure took place on Thursday, 26th Poush 2080. This scenic destination, though dusty and challenging to reach, promised an experience filled with team bonding, exploration, and pure joy.

Day 1: Arrival and Team Bonding

The journey commenced at 12:30 pm from Prime College, with the lively group playing music and dancing in the bus. Despite the less-than-ideal road conditions, we reached Chitlang around 2 pm. Our accommodation for the night was the spacious Chitlang Organic Village Resort. After settling into our rooms, we took a short stroll, indulging in the tranquility of the winter landscape.

Photos By: Sameer Acharya, BSc. CSIT 2022

To foster team bonding, an entertaining game of “Blindfold pot breaking” was organized, where I proudly emerged victorious. The vast resort grounds allowed us to explore a nearby forest, treating our eyes to breathtaking scenery. As the temperature dropped, a campfire was lit around 6 pm, accompanied by music, dancing, and heartfelt singing. A delicious dinner marked the end of our eventful day.

Day 2: Hiking and Exploration

Waking up to the crisp morning air at 6 am, we readied ourselves for a hearty breakfast at 7 am, gearing up for a day of exploration. A guided hike to Chitlang village and its historic Durbar Square commenced at 8 am. Our knowledgeable local guide shared insights into Chitlang’s history and the origin of its name.

The hike took us to SatDhara, where the legendary Mahakavi Laxmi Prasad Devkota composed the enchanting poem “Yatri.” Our journey continued to the Goat Cheese Factory and revealed the exciting addition of adventurous paragliding in Chitlang. The exploration didn’t end there – a visit to the famous Quad Bike and a glimpse of the thriving adventurous spirit of Chitlang left us fascinated.

Returning to the resort after the hike, we indulged in a delicious lunch before heading to Markhu for a thrilling 20-minute boating session. The scenic beauty and tranquility of the surroundings made the experience truly enchanting.

As the clock struck 3:30 pm, we reluctantly bid farewell to the charm of Chitlang, returning to Kathmandu with hearts full of cherished memories. This trip, marked by music, dance, campfires, hikes, and exploration, stands as one of the first and most memorable adventures in the lives of both students and staff alike. A witness to the beauty of teamwork, the Chitlang experience will forever hold a special place in our hearts.