Cybersecurity Awareness Program | Aavash Devkota, BSc. CSIT

Prime College

Cybersecurity Awareness Program | Aavash Devkota, BSc. CSIT

Aavash Devkota, 7th semester CSIT student at Prime college conducted a Cybersecurity Awareness Program at Shree Saraswati Ma Vi, Gorkha, Nepal, for students of class 10. Aavash works as a Cybersecurity Intern at the Center for Cyber Security Studies & Research, Rajasthan, India and he is passionate about promoting cybersecurity awareness in the community. He is grateful to his organization for encouraging this social activity and supporting his efforts.

The session, titled “Cyber Threats and Safe Practices,” saw the enthusiastic participation of nearly 100 students across two sessions. A range of crucial topics was covered, along with hands-on previews and practices.

The topics included:
• Cybersecurity knowledge
• Cyber threats: social engineering, malware, phishing, and password attacks
• Strong password guidelines
• Password management
• Two-factor authentication
• Safe internet browsing
• Email safety
• Preventing scams
• Protecting personal information on social media

The students’ engagement was fantastic, making the session highly effective. The program concluded with some fun activities and refreshments, making it a memorable and celebratory Good Friday. Avash was grateful to Shree Saraswati Secondary School for providing the opportunity, support and appreciation.

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