Time’s Torment | Smile Ahmed, BIM

Prime College

Time’s Torment | Smile Ahmed, BIM

l don’t like waiting.

It makes each moment feel like eternity.

As if the clock stopped ticking.

I hate it so much that I’ve become an expert in its agony.

I’ve grown sick of it,

Yet I’m still tethered to the hope,

like a lone flower clinging to life in a harsh desert.

Clinging on to the hope that they might return.

And put an end to this eternal suffering.

Oh how I wish for it to be reality,

how I wish the clock to start ticking again,

that is but an unattainable dream.

I’m stuck in this eternal cycle,

with no choice but to keep on waiting.

I truly have become the best at it.

Yet still,

I hate waiting.