Actual Diary Never to Forget | Juneli Sunar

Prime College

Actual Diary Never to Forget | Juneli Sunar

Posted by Juneli Sunar, BBA

After I joined prime cultural club and remined myself of my priority, I became different version of myself. I showed my contribution in club and college activities and interacted with so many people. The actual journey of university begins here. As a member I volunteered in many events like ICT meet up, prime CMAT Mock Test Program, Prime Fun Fiesta etc. Finally felt like at least doing and learning something new. I participated in every club event and due to my active involvement, I became executive member if club (Event Management Officer). This title was big for me, but I got to learn and experienced so many new things during this period. Meetings with management team, putting up my opinions and listening to others and executing that particular idea was so awesome. We as a team organized so many events like Women’s Day, Holi Celebration and many more events. It actually made me realized there were many events, but I ignored. Sports Gala is always my favorite event in Prime College because I have a deep connection with sports. My horizon of friend circle, learning, experimenting has been increasing and I want to grow it more. I am mor than happy to know my strengths, weakness, ability and potential. Prime college does provide equal opportunity to all students, it all dependents upon student whether they want to grow themselves or hide themselves in classroom corner. Best thing about prime you can be who you are and has platform for the students who wants to have exposer. There are no any barriers between teachers and students, they are more like friends.

Few pictures to recall my days.

Women’s Day Celebration