Debunking the Myth: Unveiling the Truth about Packaged Milk | Niraj Thapa Magar

Prime College

Debunking the Myth: Unveiling the Truth about Packaged Milk | Niraj Thapa Magar

Posted by Niraj Thapa Magar, Coordinator of MLRC, Prime College 

Yesterday, I had an eye-opening experience that shattered one of the myths I believed since childhood. 

Growing up, my parents always cautioned me against drinking packaged milk, insisting that it was made from powders and therefore not advisable. Without questioning their words, I held onto this belief for years. 

However, my perception drastically changed yesterday when we had the opportunity to visit the Kathmandu Diary Development Corporation (KDDC) in the Balaju Industrial Area. Our guide for the day was Lalit Sir, the Technical and QA officer from KDDC, who provided us with valuable insights into the operation, production, and distribution processes of DDC products at the Balaju site. 

During the visit, we discovered that the dairy production and distribution sector is incredibly sensitive as it directly impacts public health. The notion of powdered milk being mixed into packaged milk turned out to be nothing more than a myth perpetuated in the public eye. In reality, the production process of packaged milk undergoes a meticulous series of quality assurance tests to ensure it meets international health standards before it reaches the public. 

This enlightening experience not only debunked a long-held belief but also highlighted the immense care and attention given to maintaining the quality and safety of packaged milk. 

It was an honor to express our heartfelt appreciation to KDDC for granting us the opportunity to visit their production house at Balaju. The warm welcome and hospitality we received made the experience even more memorable. Equally deserving of gratitude is Lalit Sir, whose exceptional knowledge and guidance throughout the visit left a lasting impression on us. 

What stood out the most was Lalit Sir’s interactive and engaging approach when interacting with students. His genuine interest in our thoughts and ideas created an environment conducive to learning and sharing knowledge. By encouraging us to ask questions and actively participate, he empowered us to challenge our own preconceptions and expand our understanding of the dairy industry. 

Our sincere thanks go out to KDDC and Lalit Sir for their invaluable contributions and for providing us with an unforgettable experience that will forever shape our perspectives on packaged milk and the dairy industry as a whole.