My Leadership Journey at Prime EMC: A Year of Growth and Impact | Swastika Banskota

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My Leadership Journey at Prime EMC: A Year of Growth and Impact | Swastika Banskota

Posted By Swastika Banskota, B.Sc. CSIT, Former President of Prime Entrepreneurial Management Club (EMC)

Greetings everyone! I’m Swastika Banskota, a B.Sc. CSIT student from Prime College. My journey at Prime College has been nothing short of an adventure, and Prime EMC stands as a significant highlight in my Prime College experience. I started as a General Member here and eventually became the President.
Stick with me until the end as I graciously share the remarkable journey with Prime EMC during my term as the President for 2022/23.

Well, the journey began by setting clear visions: to create a space where every club member felt valued, heard, and connected, to shape an atmosphere where learning goes beyond just checking boxes, and to conduct events that made a real impact and left a lasting mark on our college community.

Team Bonding
It was crucial to have fun and bond as a team before we started! We organized Team Bonding where we became friends and understood each other’s strengths and weaknesses. When we had a close-knit team, working together became more fun.

Impactful Initiatives
Our initiatives made a big impact and were much more than just events. Let’s talk about the “Panel Discussion” which brought industry experts to share their wisdom, fostering valuable discussions and enhancing our college’s reputation. Moreover, the “Story Yellers” became a platform for students to share personal stories, creating a warm sense of community.

How can we forget our CSR program, “Dog Feeding,” which stood as a testament to our commitment to social responsibility? Nevertheless, “Prime BizFest 2023,” a lively carnival that brought dreamers, job seekers, and industry leaders together was a blast.

Effective Collaboration
Throughout my term as President, I consistently emphasized the importance of collaboration, and this mindset extended to my club members as well. We actively sought opportunities to work with other clubs and committees to accomplish shared objectives.

Recognizing that strength lies in unity, Prime EMC collaborated seamlessly with other clubs. In the ‘Deusi Bhailo Program,’ we joined hands with fellow clubs, and during the ‘Human Rights Rally,’ we collaborated with Club 25 Prime Chapter, now known as the Social Innovation Club. Likewise, the ‘Leadership and Team Building’ workshop at ‘Prime BizFest 2023’ was exclusively designed for executives from various clubs, fostering stronger bonds and sharing vital skills across the club network.

Demonstrating Leadership
My approach to leadership has always centered on the collective rather than the individual. It’s never been about my talents, skills, or voice; instead, it’s about the growth and success of each member within Prime EMC. I’ve actively encouraged all members to contribute, lead, and shine. I ensured everyone had a voice and felt valued.

Moreover, I set ambitious goals, promoted professional communication with respected bodies, and encouraged strict adherence to all rules and regulations set by the management. This showcased our commitment to excellence and a positive image within the college.
For me, success wasn’t just about events; it was about the growth and engagement of our members. A harmonious and inclusive club culture, along with constructive feedback, indicates my effectiveness in providing value to our members.

Working towards Goals
Well, it was all about aligning my goals with the entire executive team’s vision. I encouraged open discussions and welcomed diverse perspectives. This collaborative approach united our team, making our collective mission the driving force behind our actions. Together, we actively engaged with all club members and leveraged our resources to organize a wide range of impactful events and this collaborative spirit was instrumental in realizing our goals.

Future Vision for Prime EMC
Looking ahead, Prime EMC aims to be the go-to platform for entrepreneurial minds. I’d recommend our future leaders include a diverse program, strong collaborations, and a continued focus on impactful events. This involves emphasizing alumni involvement, financial stability, collaboration with fellow clubs, communication enhancement, leadership development, and online visibility.

I believe that Prime EMC’s success is a reflection of my success. The remarkable growth our club has achieved compared to the past year is truly commendable. While I acknowledge my shortcomings and the constant room for improvement, my presidency is defined by an unwavering commitment to prioritize our members and the vision of making a positive impact.

As I wrap up my adventure, I am very much thankful to Prime College for all the support and guidance. I feel glad to lead the amazing team of Prime EMC who were always there to support my leadership. Looking back, I am filled with gratitude. Cheers to Prime EMC!!

So, there you have it, my leadership journey with Prime EMC. Thanks for making it this far with me. Until next time, seize opportunities, continue to explore, and never stop learning.