Prime College: Experiences and Lessons | Minasha Maharjan

Prime College

Prime College: Experiences and Lessons | Minasha Maharjan

Prime College, with its all-encompassing approach to education, promotes not just academic success but also the full development of its students through multiple sets, skill development programs, and modern facilities. Under the TU, the institution offers the BSc. CSIT, BCA, BBA, BIM, BBM, MBS, and BBS programs.

Prime College provides a space for students to discover and pursue their interests. Faculty members are qualified professionals and dedicated mentors who go above and beyond to ensure our success. Furthermore, seminars and clubs give vital knowledge and experience. Prime College has exceeded my expectations in every way. I also discovered many different activities here, which is why I chose Prime College for Bachelor’s in BBM.

After studying at Prime College, I realized that it gives numerous opportunities in terms of employment opportunities, as well as a platform for displaying diverse abilities through club activities. Talking about me, I also got job at prime college as receptionist which is my first job. Similarly, it includes many various facilities for students, including supplementary classes, so that students can explore and get new skills.

Speaking about lessons I learned about mindset, got to know details about it through Niraj Sir and Natasha Ma’am, which was quite beneficial. It is vital to understand fixed and development mindsets and how to correctly utilize them to be successful in life. In conclusion, I would say that choosing Prime College was one of my best decisions in life.

Minasha Maharjan

1st Semester BBM 2080